Premium Denture Packages

If you’re looking for an affordable denture option with the added stability of implants, then consider the Premium Denture Special. This popular choice for dentures is our entry-level implant package, and it increases bite force 4-5 times over the economy denture package.

Premium Denture Package Details

The Premium Dentures package includes:

  • Consultation/initial exam (complimentary, and include CBCT and digital x-ray)
  • All tooth extractions needed
  • Surgery to place two implants in the lower jaw
  • Impressions and temporary dentures to wear during implant healing
  • Final impressions and removable denture sets that fix to the implants, with adjustments*
  • Two additional rounds of adjustment:

*About half of patients don’t need a second round of impressions; the first round can be used depending on accuracy of bite and esthetics.

Premium Denture Package Pricing

The Smile Company offers this incredible value to patients who need a full set of dentures, usually ranging from $5,000-$7,500 total. Prices may vary depending on patient condition and the amount of work needed.

To receive accurate pricing, contact The Smile Company or schedule a free consultation.

Premium Denture Process Part One: Impressions for Temporary Dentures

The Smile Company Special dentures package with two lower-jaw implants is a three-step process that will require a series of appointments. The first step is to take impressions so we can create your temporary dentures.

Premium Denture Process Part Two: Implants and Healing

The second step is to place your implants and let them heal, which takes 3-4 months. We’ll extract your natural teeth at this time as well. You’ll also receive your temporary dentures which can be soft-lined for comfort.

Dental implants are placed surgically. We perform this surgery right in our office. Learn all about the dental implants here.

Premium Denture Process Part Three: Fitting Your Final Dentures

After two and a half months, you’ll come in for final impressions (if needed), and we’ll fabricate your new dentures. Two weeks later, you’ll come in to receive your final denture set, and it will be adjusted for a great fit.

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