Teeth Whitening

Have you seen pictures of attractive celebrities flashing their brilliant white teeth? Their smiles are probably enhanced with professional teeth whitening. That's because over time, the foods and beverages you consume will eventually stain your teeth. If frequent tooth brushing doesn't solve your problem, The Smile Company in Maryland Heights, Missouri can provide professional teeth whitening so you can have a more attractive smile.

Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

There are several possible ways to whiten your teeth, but some are more effective than others. Perhaps the least useful are those products which you can buy over the counter. Toothpastes that advertise their teeth whitening abilities tend to work too slowly, if at all. Other over-the-counter bleaching products are too complicated to use, some may cause unfortunate side effects, and others don't work at all.

But with The Smile Company, you have two basic options to choose from when it comes to teeth whitening. The first option is to simply have it done right away. Our dentist will first discuss with you what to expect after the procedure. Then we will bleach your teeth while taking care to protect your mouth and your gums from the bleaching agent. This procedure is pretty quick and can be completed during your lunch break. It's also very affordable. You will come out of our dental clinic with whiter teeth and a vastly improved smile.

You can also choose our DYI kit for teeth whitening which you can just apply at home. This is our more affordable option however the teeth whitening process is more gradual. This can be an advantage, as people won't notice that your teeth have suddenly become brighter. People at work and others whom you see regularly will not notice the change until later.

These at-home kits are customized to the shape of your teeth and mouth for your comfort. We will also give you precise directions so that you can perform the procedure on your effectively and without any trouble.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

In many ways, stained teeth are similar to missing teeth. They reduce the quality of your smile. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you may feel embarrassed to show your stained teeth and end up developing a habit of not smiling at all.

People don't really find stained teeth attractive, and as a result your entire appearance may suffer. When you show people stained teeth when you talk and smile, they will immediately conclude that you have poor oral hygiene. They may even think you don't care much for hygiene at all, and they may wonder what other things about your personal hygiene you're neglecting.

The teeth whitening process is a simple and affordable procedure, and yet it has far-reaching positive effects. If you're concerned about your stained teeth, call us at (314) 254-4000so we can schedule an appointment for you. Whether you need to look your best for an upcoming social event or you simply wish to whiten your teeth, we can help you. At The Smile Company, you can smile just as brightly as any celebrity.

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