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Porcelain Veneers

Everybody can benefit from a brilliant and confident smile. But sometimes our teeth don't cooperate, and they may show imperfections which effectively reduce the quality of our smile. At The Smile Company, this is not a problem at all. We can simply cover up those teeth imperfections with porcelain veneers. You can then leave our dental clinic in Maryland Heights, Missouri with the great-looking smile you have always wanted.

Getting Your Veneers

We use thin strips of porcelain for our veneers, and they're not like crowns which cover the whole tooth. Instead, they just cover up the front of the teeth, which is the part that other people see. That way, the imperfections that may be marring your smile can be hidden, and you can smile with confidence knowing that you're showing perfect-looking teeth.

We use porcelain for our veneers because they look so much like real teeth. Porcelain is resistant to staining and it is also very durable. It's easy to make them into a proper shape and color that looks absolutely natural.

Generally, you'll need to visit to our clinic twice for the entire procedure. On the initial visit we prepare your teeth for the veneer, as the thickness of the veneer will have to be accommodated. We then mold an impression of your teeth so that the porcelain veneer we create in the lab can provide a perfect fit.

After the first procedure, we will schedule a second visit, and in the meantime our lab professionals will work on constructing your porcelain veneer to their proper shape and color. On your next visit, we will begin by cleaning the area where the veneer will be placed. This ensures that there are no contaminants that can affect the bonding process. We then apply the bonding cement, followed by the careful application of the porcelain veneer on the front of your teeth. We cap it off by using a specially designed light on the veneer to make sure that the bonding cements hardens to secure the veneer in its place.

Before you leave, we will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your porcelain veneers so that they will last for a long time. That includes reminders about brushing and flossing the teeth regularly. We also encourage all our patients to come to our clinic at least twice a year for regular checkups and cleaning.

Do You Need Porcelain Veneers?

We look forward to meeting you and determining if porcelain veneers are the best option for your needs. Veneers can be used for many dental issues including:

  • Deep stains
  • Gaps
  • Chips, cracks or worn teeth
  • Crooked or uneven teeth

If you have any of these issues and would like to learn more about porcelain veneers, please call us at (314) 439-1307 to schedule an appointment. At The Smile Company Dental Care, you don't have to endure those teeth imperfections any longer. Give us a call today.

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