Endodontics is a specialized field in dentistry dealing mainly with the pulp of the tooth as well as the tissues that surround the roots. The pulp contains many small parts, including nerves, venules, and arterioles. It also has fibrous tissues and lymphatic tissues. With so many parts, it's not uncommon for the pulp to become damaged because of injury or disease. The pulp doesn't heal on its own, and so when it presents pain and other problems for your tooth, an endodontic treatment may be necessary. At The Smile Company which is located in Maryland Heights, Missouri, we have specialists and the necessary dental tools to provide such treatments.

Why Choose The Smile Company?

Here at The Smile Company we have our own endodontic specialists, unlike in other dental clinics which may refer you to another specialist who can ably treat your specific dental problem.

Our endodontic specialists have the training and skills to deal with any problem concerning the pulp of the tooth. We have been performing endodontic treatments (often called root canal therapy) for a long time, and because of our extensive experience we are very efficient and precise in the way we provide the treatment. Delays are kept to a minimum, and we know how to keep the patients relaxed and pain-free during the procedure.

Our specialists can also perform therapy and surgery. We have enough experience in dealing with unusual or difficult cases. For example, root canals may be blocked or very narrow, and there may be some unusual anatomical aspects that need to be dealt with. We can handle these issues without any difficulty.

We also have the latest and most effective tools at our disposal. We use advanced technology, which includes ultrasonic devices, operating microscopes, and digital imaging, to enable us to successfully treat our patients.

The Different Forms of Treatment

Generally, endodontic treatment is about taking out the infected tissue from the pulp and the root canals are thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any germs that can cause further infection. The tooth is then capped with a crown to prevent germs from getting inside.

Sometimes, an infection may still occur after the endodontic treatment, and that means a follow up procedure is necessary. In retreatment, the tooth is opened again so that the new infection can be removed.

In some cases, even retreatment may not be enough. Contaminants that cause the infection may be entrenched inside the miniscule branches from the primary canal. These contaminants may have to be removed through a procedure called apicoectomy. In this procedure, the apex of the tooth is removed to ensure that no further infection can occur again.

If you're having trouble with the pulp of your teeth and your dentist can't handle it then call us at (314) 254-4000 . We can assess the problem with the affected pulp and recommend a treatment that will save your tooth and free you of pain. This is the ultimate benefit of endodontics: it saves the tooth from being extracted because your natural tooth is always better than any replacement.

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