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Dental Implant Packages

Dental implants are very comfortable to the wearer as they are permanent and do not cause speech impediments. The Smile Company Dental Care provides Implant Dentistry service in Maryland Heights MO.

Single Implants and Implant Bridges

Anterior Implant      $3,000
Posterior Implant    $2,850
Implant Bridge         $5,900

These packages include consultation, necessary X-rays, impressions, all tooth extractions, grafting, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Fixed Implant Denture Package

For removable dentures supported by upper and lower implants, The Smile Company offers the Fixed Implant Denture package. This is our entry-level implant-supported upper denture, and it’s our first option to have chewing ability and bite force 100 percent supported by implants. Its horseshoe design is ideal for patients with strong gag reflexes or those who worry about the altered taste of their food. The added support of implants on your upper and lower jaw make these dentures feel even more natural as you bite, chew, and speak. They are stable, yet removable for easy cleaning.

The Smile Company Special (T.S.C.) Package Pricing

$9,900 - Equivalent procedures in this market cost $16,000 on average.

Fixed Implant Denture Package Process Part One: Impressions for Temporary Dentures

The Fixed Implant Denture package with upper and lower implants is a three-step process that will require a series of appointments. The first step is to take impressions so we can create your temporary dentures.

Fixed Implant Denture Package Process Part Two: Implants and Healing

The second step is to place your implants and let them heal, which takes three to four months. We’ll extract your natural teeth at this time as well. You’ll receive your temporary dentures which can be soft-lined for comfort.

Dental implants are placed surgically. We perform this surgery right in our office. Learn all about the dental implants here.

Fixed Implant Denture Package Process Part Three: Fitting Your Final Dentures

After your healing period, we’ll uncover your implants and take impressions for your new dentures. Adjusting these dentures for a perfect fit is a process that may require multiple appointments.

You’ll need to come in for checkups at six months and 12 months after your implant surgery as well so we can evaluate your fit, hygiene, and denture maintenance.

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