The effects of tooth loss


March 5, 2016


Tooth loss doesn’t just affect your smile or confidence, it also affects a number of other oral functions. When you lose your teeth, the jaw bone is likely to become less dense and weaker after sometime. This is because the tooth is no longer there to stimulate the jaw bone which consequently weakens in much the same way as muscle atrophy in an arm as a result of the arm not being exercised enough.

As the jaw bone continues to lose width and height resulting in a decrease in the gum tissue. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find patients with tooth loss having an enlarged tongue. The tongue enlarges to accommodate the space left behind by the missing teeth.

Tooth loss is also a primary cause of a change in facial appearance. To some degree, it is expected that as you age, the structure and shape of the face will significantly change. Tooth loss, however accelerates these changes because the height of the face will often decrease as the bone height collapses when you lose your teeth. The bone loss can also deteriorate the bite relationship and as a result the chin will shift forward altering the facial appearance.

It is also likely that those who have lost teeth at some point in their lives are going to have a hard time chewing. This can result in lower intake of foods such as vegetables, fruits and other high fibre foods therefore resulting in higher intestinal problems.

Fortunately dental implants are a great solution for tooth loss. Contact The Smile Company in Maryland Heights, MO to get this effective solution.

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