Preserving the Health of Your Teeth and Gums


February 18, 2016


At the Smile Company, we enhance your at-home oral care with specialized teeth cleaning. This is imperative since the tartar that develops in and around your teeth needs specialized tools and skills for areas that the brush and floss cannot reach.

In addition, we offer educational additions concerning dental care so that you can guarantee that you are brushing and flossing your teeth appropriately, and that you are utilizing the appropriate brands of toothbrush and toothpaste.

Preventive Dentistry

This is one of the most significant objectives of general dentistry. We evaluate the condition of every tooth and your gums extremely thoroughly, so that we can seek signs of forthcoming trouble. We stop these problems from arising, or decrease the seriousness and the cost of the problems.

For instance, we can put fillings on your tooth cavities so that they do not worsen. In addition, we can install caps or bond to fix damage to the teeth that might result in serious problems afterward. Furthermore, we can remove your wisdom teeth if they cause a danger to your oral health.

Despite these, we aid in maintaining the condition of your gums as well. We seek early signs of gum disease and act appropriately if we discover early signs of infection. It is always suggested that treatments for oral problems are performed as fast as possible prior to the condition’s symptoms becoming worse.

If conditions are severe and you require special care, we can either other those professional treatments and suggest a specialist who can best handle your particular condition.

General Dentistry Treatments

We provide most kinds of general dentistry treatments to bring back your teeth’s health. We can install fillings, repair stained and chipped teeth, and id your teeth in growing evenly. We can bring back teeth that have loosened, remove teeth that must come out, and install replacements for lost teeth.

For the best general dentistry services, book an appointment with The Smile Company in Maryland Heights MO

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