The Best Foods for a Beautiful Smile


July 9, 2017

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A beautiful and healthy smile is usually one of the first things that people notice when they see you. However, stained or yellow teeth can be a turn-off. Even if you brush regularly, you teeth may lose their shine over time. Plus, foods like candy, soft aerated drinks, cakes and pastries can lead to erosion of the delicate enamel of the teeth, which results in yellowing and other dental issues.

At The Smile Company, we have some wonderful food favorites that can help you get the white smile you’ve been looking for. Here are some of our favorite food picks¬†to help you achieve a brighter smile!




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How could this not be on the top of the list? Apples are an amazing source of water and fiber, both of which act as cleansing agents. Apples also contain malic acid, good for boosting saliva production and helping to remove unhealthy bacteria from your mouth.


Not everyone is a fan of spinach, but this magnesium-rich green leafy vegetable is super-efficient at building the enamel of your teeth. The iron found in spinach helps to polish the teeth too, working double duty for a whiter, brighter smile!




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As you age, the enamel of your teeth tends to degrade. Luckily for you the nutrients found in cheese can help rebuild the natural enamel of your teeth, making them stronger. Take advantage of the calcium, phosphorus, and protein found in cheese by enjoying your favorite type (there are so many varieties, you’re bound to find one you enjoy!).


Basil is well-known as a natural antibiotic and has beneficial anti-bacterial properties that prevents bacterial growth in the mouth. Easily add more basil to your diet by adding to your favorite salad or soup recipes.

Other superfoods for your smile include carrots, nuts, seeds, and even raisins. However, no matter how healthy your diet is you still need to visit your dentist regularly for professional teeth cleaning services and preventative dentistry.

The Smile Company cares about your oral health, and would love to welcome you to your practice! Please contact our friendly dental office at (314) 254-4000 to book your first visit today. With our newly extended office hours, you can be sure to take care of your smile at a time convenient for you and your family.

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